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Everything is bigger in Texas, including dreams. Madia Hill Scott enrolled at the University of Southern California so she could pursue both her education and an acting career. During those years, Madia built up an impressive dance career, dancing for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Shakira, Pit Bull, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown.


Madia discovered her love for writing and producing with her first short film, Solely. The provocative film debuted on Issa Rae’s Youtube channel and has garnered over 75,000 views. 


Madia has since gone on to create other projects, including two pilots, a feature, a self-produced webseries and a variety of other short form projects. As a freelance producer and production manager, Madia has worked with top commercial and music video production companies. such as Directors Bureau, Radical Media, The Sweet Shop, Caviar, Freenjoy, and Kamp Grizzly.

Recently, Madia booked roles on The BlacklistJane the Virgin and HBO's newest comedy-drama Barry. A new transplant to New York, Madia has set her sights on exploring the best happy hours in the Big Apple with her husband and producing films under the umbrella of her own production company, Winnienoah Productions.

I love being in front of the camera. But working as a producer and production manager the last three years has taken my appreciation for filmmaking to a whole new level.
Here's some of the projects I've worked on the past few years.
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Production Manager
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Creating Winnienoah was the absolute next step in my evolution as a storyteller. These are the stories that inspire me the most, and that I'm honored to bring to life. 
My first film, Solely, debuted on Issa Rae's Youtube channel!
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SOLELY is a provocative day-in-the-life of a young dancer and her heart-wrenching experience dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Alone in her decision, Lexi stands firm in her resolution while attempting to find solace and grace in its wake. In its raw depiction, Solely is an unflinching portrayal of a woman exercising control of her body.

Produced & Written By:

Madia Hill Scott

Directed By: 

Anna Nersesyan




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